Clitorous peircing

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clitorous peircing
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Pushed beyond her clitoral limits

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However, I have talked to literally tons of women that have clit piercings, and they all unanimously agree that clit piercings have greatly increased their sexual pleasure, especially when it came to ease of orgasm. - Learning, the slamming cock for inevitable difficult principle truckers is not other and never prepared.

Top definition. CLIToris Ring : a ring put onto the clitoris of the woman to give her much pleasure. The piercing can be done horizontally or vertically. Not many women have the anatomy to have this piercing. Many women who say that they have it actually have a clitoral hood piercing. A clitoris piercing often is called a "clit ring". He saw the clitring before giving her head.

Remember Me? Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Best Female Piercing for orgasms. My girlfriend is thinking of getting something done and just wanted to know some opinions. It really depends on the woman, but a VCH is always a good one to go for. It's a nice easy piercing, heals quickly and with the right length barbell it will sit just on top of the clitoris.


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    I Am Pierced Pumped Pussy with Piercings and Tattoos