Kicked in the balls by girlfriend

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kicked in the balls by girlfriend
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Girlfriend kicking me in the balls?

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Me and my girlfriend were together for a year & 3 months. It was the longest relationship for each of us. During this time we had grown so close.
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You should have hit them both as hard as you could in the breast, sure, the police won't belive you defended yourself and punish you, but it would have been justified and equality. - Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more.

The groin shot: an attack so devastating that men have banned it from virtually every contact sport they engage in. Let's learn how to do it. These days, only Muay Thai fighters strike to the groinand they only do it in Thailand , where they wear groin protection made from fucking steel. But even armor plating isn't enough for western sportsmen; in addition to groin protection devices, they shield their balls with every rule, regulation, law, and covenant they can think of. The Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts, for example, list 31 official fouls , with myriad subtle variations on things like kidney strikes only a foul if you kick with your heel and elbows disallowed if striking downward; OK in other directions. And then there's Item vii: "Groin attacks of any kind. It's as if the mere idea of groin attacks disturbs the rule-makers so much they're incapable of describing them in any detail.

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  1. Max S. says:

    Today, I got kicked in the balls twice in two hours. The first was my (now ex) girlfriend when I confronted her about cheating on me, and the second was her.

  2. Burkett T. says:

  3. Denis S. says:

    Other versions

  4. Palidere1969 says:

    I suddenly remembered I'd just been kicked in the balls by a dancer wearing five inch heels. I kind of rolled off her and lay in bed for half an.

  5. Shawn H. says:

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