Shiny days manami

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shiny days manami
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Shiny Days Manami Scene 3

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Katsura Manami

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Shiny Days Walkthrough JastUSA by Antonio13Lopez.pdf

In Summer/Shiny Days, Manami makes a first full appearance in the game as an impatient customer in Radish, who comes and leaves without paying as well as.
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Kotonoha Katsura daughter Kokoro Katsura daughter. She doesn't make an onscreen appearance until Summer Days , where in School Days , her voice was only heard. Like many mothers, Manami is kind and caring to her daughters. She can be strict, especially with other people, and is often very demanding, as seen in Summer Days during her inspection of Radish restaurant. However, she is not beyond giving compliment to those who surprise her with their action as she gave a compliment to Setsuna due to her hard effort in her work and improving. Due to her husband negligent her and going to a dirty bar she become sexually frustrated, had a relationship with young employee and eventually started a sexual relationship with Makoto in some route.


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