The delirium constructions

Listen to Tableau Vivant of the Delirium Constructions now.

the delirium constructions
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Destination Calabria - Delirium TV version

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Tableau Vivant of The Delirium Constructions celebrates humanity by representing a visual and sonic encyclopedia of the human condition. Part homage to the history of art, part joyous communion, part party, part radical experiment, Small's Tableaux reveal the evolutionary process of creating art and community, contemplating raw and poignant truths about humankind's timeless yearning to find connection within ourselves and with one another. Tableau is performance, tip-toeing on the edge of immersive theatre.
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In the Spring of , models with distinctive visual personalities will assemble together as a living, breathing image. - Two years in the making, on May 23rd and 24th of , Sarah Small and collaborators mounted a participant Tableau at the former Williamsburg Savings Bank, now known as Skylight One Hanson.

Join Sarah Small and The Delirium Constructions Team! Job Opportunity: Full- Time Studio Manager, Immediate Start.
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Up he went on one side, joined by an elegantly dressed woman who mounted the tiers from the other end. And amid the gorgeous array of bodies, naked and clothed, very fat and extremely skinny, pierced and tattooed, wrinkly and smooth, with a Bulgarian a capella quartet singing dreamily and the Brooklyn Rider string quartet playing, they appeared to plight their troth as Ms.
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    Tableau Vivant of the Delirium Constructions

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    The Delirium Constructions explores unlikely combinations of characters and themes brought together into the same space in order to investigate the tensions .

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    Sarah Small's Tableau Vivant Of The Delirium Constructions