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nastiest thing in the world
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The Nastiest Thing You Could Ever Eat In 1997

What's the most universally disgusting thing and why? Life's Little Mysteries investigates.
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Man Licks the World’s Nastiest Things to See If Probiotics Keep Him From Getting Sick

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Finnish probiotics brand Gefilus is so good at building up healthy bacteria in your gut—thereby strengthening your immune system—that you could lick a pay phone in Moscow and not get sick. To illustrate the effectiveness of its product, the marketer hired travel television host Ian Wright, known for his willingness to eat just about anything, to bounce around the globe with a germ-measuring meter. Along the way, he slides his tongue across the filthiest surfaces he can find while maintaining a steady Gefilus diet to boost his body's internal defenses. It's a strong contender for the grossest ad of , with Wright taking on some truly rancid challenges.

So it turns out that pretty much everyone's 'nastiest thing I've ever done' story involves some kind of bodily fluid or matter. Though we did manage to find a few 'accidentally ingesting gross things' stories and threw them in for good measure. All we can say is that if you haven't got a strong stomach then stop reading now. The people of Reddit and Quora shared their nastiest stories and we gagged our way through them to share them with you. Because we all want to feel like we're not the grossest person on the planet. We want to know that other people have had grotesque experiences too.


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    And if you've ever forgotten to wash your hands after using the bathroom or sneezing Money is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Dirtiest Things You Touch.