Ass hair bleaching

Why Men Are Bleaching and Waxing Their Butts

ass hair bleaching
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Is Anal Bleaching Safe?

To paraphrase Bruno Mars, "Your butthole's amazing, just the way it is. Rest assured, it's totally normal for that area to be darker than other parts.

Enrique Ramirez is a licensed esthetician. Porn, as well as the Kardashians, have been credited with helping to popularize the trend. And by "below the belt," we mean way below the belt. What is surprising, however, particularly to straight guys who have been taught to be squeamish about anything butt-related, is that guys are apparently taking their razors backdoors.

Rabia De Latour, M. It first gained traction in the early aughts after adult film actress Tabitha Stevens had her anus bleached on the unscripted series Dr.


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