Jafar and jasmine fanfiction

Jafar?s Takeover

jafar and jasmine fanfiction
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We are the home of authors from among our members., Jafar sit on the throne in the palace.

The former vizier of Agrabah turned sorcerer had just gotten rid of the one person who stood in his way, and sent him along with his two close friends to the ends of the earth. As the most powerful sorcerer in the world, nothing could stand in his way. However, the beautiful palace of the sultan was no longer there, for Jafar had moved it to the mountain with the reluctant help of the genie, from whom he had wished for all of his new powers. Now, he had called the genie back to the lamp; since he assumed he was all-powerful now, the villain felt like there was no hurry to use his powers. Next to him cowered the Princess herself, along with her father, who had been stripped from his robes down to his shorts. Jafar moved closer towards the two menacingly, until he came up with an idea.

Hi everyone. I've been a big fan of the JafarxJasmine for quite a while now and I thought I would write a story about them. I love what-if scenarios. I know I'm not an expert at writing but I do the best I can. I will try to keep everyone in character and make this an interesting story. Don't flame me for liking this pairing, like it's sick or it's wrong.