Taemin and jimin

SHINEEs Taemin, EXOs Kai, VIXXs Ravi, Ha Sungwoon and HOTSHOTs Timoteo spotted in Philippines

taemin and jimin

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SHINees Taemin Revealed How Sweet His Friendship With BTSs Jimin And EXOs Kai Really Is

There are a lot of famous friendship squads in K-Pop but perhaps one of the best known is the friendship parka squad compromised of SHINees Taemin, BTSs Jimin, EXOs Kai, Ha Sungwoon, and more. In a recent press conference, Taemin revealed how his friends reacted to the mini.
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BTS Fans angry at Taemin after spotting him vaping around Jimin

Some of BTS Jimin's fans are unhappy with his friendship with SHINee's Taemin after recent photos of their meeting circulated the internet.
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Twitter Facebook., Among Korean idols, we know there are some squads that consist of many idols with the same intrests.

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Masked singer is an unpredictable show. The singer, whether he is an idol or not, has to sing with mask on. Thus, people will not be able to see his face and just guess who that person is. There are many surprising performance on this show and you can really enjoy the shocking face from the panelist. Recently, BTS's Jimin got embarrassed by his own comment on one of the singer on the show.

So whenever I hear that Jimin has been spending time with Taemin again, it really makes me happy. And yesterday they were spotted playing billiards! According to people who saw them, they were having a great time together, just the two of them! Jimin is finally getting to have a fun night out after these extremely intense comeback weeks!