Wife and girlfriend

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wife and girlfriend
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Missing Connecticut woman's blood found on items husband and his girlfriend were caught discarding

I'm torn between my wife and my girlfriend. I feel under pressure to end my marriage as I fear losing my girlfriend who is more receptive to love making.
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Torn between my wife and girlfriend

Ewan McGregor's wife of more than two decades is said to be devastated after actor told her their marriage was over in May last year. And with Fargo star Ewan flaunting his new relationship with co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead getting over the relationship is thought to be tormenting Eve Mavrakis.

The estranged husband of a missing Connecticut woman was caught with his girlfriend on surveillance footage discarding items that had his wife's blood on them, according to arrest warrants released as the two appeared in court Monday. Fotis Dulos, 51, and Michelle Troconis, 44, appeared in court for the first time since they were arrested Saturday on charges of evidence tampering and hindering prosecution. But a prosecutor with the state asked the judge not to reduce the bail amounts due to the severity of the charges, and because the couple would likely face more charges. The judge, who said she reviewed the arrest warrants, denied the reduced bails, and ordered that if either Dulos or Troconis are released on bail, they must turn over their passports and agree to GPS monitoring. She had filed for divorce from Dulos in June after about 13 years of marriage, and the two were involved in an ongoing and contentious custody battle over their five kids, ages 8 to On the same day, cellphone data indicated Dulos drove back and forth to work, then went to Hartford with Troconis, where the pair stopped at 30 locations within a 4-mile stretch. Someone who appears to be Troconis leaned out of the truck and either placed something on the ground or picked something up, the videos showed.

My girlfriend of 4 years is demanding I divorce my wife of 5 years or else we are through. I feel under pressure to end my marriage because I fear losing my girlfriend who incidentally is more receptive to love making than my wife.


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