Boris alice and bendy

Bendy, Alice & Boris Beanie Plush Bundle

boris alice and bendy
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Set of 3 plush: Bendy, Boris the Wolf, and Alice Angel UPC:
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Boris the Wolf

Boris the Wolf is a cartoon character created by Joey Drew Studios from the Bendy series. Much like other cartoon characters such as Bendy and Alice Angel, .
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Alice Angel

Paint Bendy, Boris and Alice Angel

Bendy was waiting patiently for Joey to come out. It had been 3 days and Joey was still in his process of making this, "special girl". Boris was eager, he had not had many friends since Oswald had died, and was lonely. His head shot up at the sound of ink stopping. A cough followed. The door creaked open and out came a brown haired, handsome man, with his sleeves rolled up and a stunningly beautiful girl following. Alice Angel had a traffic stopping black dress, beautiful brown hair, and stunning brown eyes.

I've seen quite a few people make some mock posters of Bendy cartoons, so I decided to make my own. As for the plot, I'm thinking that it could be that Boris comes across some money that the Butcher Gang lost in a bank heist, and Alice and Bendy come to him as his angel and devil on his shoulders trying to make him choose between returning it or spending it on something lavish. I based the title off a Donald Duck short where Donald raids his nephews' piggy bank and uses the money to pay for a date with Daisy but his inner voices make him feel guilty.


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