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But Maria Mukhina does not look like either an outlaw biker or a hardcore feminist, and certainly does not consider her lifestyle choice a crusade against the patriarchy. There are almost biker associations across Russia, and the number keeps on climbing, according to community website Moto. The Wings do not see themselves as champions of their gender, but their peaceful insistence on doing something that most of the country considers a male preserve goes some way toward advancing gender equality in a country that has traditionally had problems in this area. She rides a sports bike and even teaches club prospects motocross, including in the winter, when most Russian bikers — whatever their gender — leave their motorcycles parked in garages, avoiding the cold, the sleet and the deadly ice-clad roads. Back in , when Wings formed, barely any other motorcycle clubs existed in Russia, male or female, Mukhina said. Then the scene was dominated by the Night Wolves, a mega-club with Kremlin ties, established in that today boasts 5, members across Russia and Eastern Europe.

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